Neha Panicker ‘Spicy Citrus Bite’ Painting

Neha Panicker ‘Spicy Citrus Bite’ Painting


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Born and raised in India, Neha Panicker is an artist, architect and designer currently based in Seattle. She has a degree in architecture and a decade-long career designing built spaces and interiors across geographies. Her artistic language and art practice are greatly inspired by her multi-dimensional, multi-cultural contexts. In 2019, she transitioned into her lifelong dream of developing a full time art practice.

Her paintings are vibrant expressions in color, form and composition. There is character and energy in the strokes and luminosity in the transparencies. Her art captures a sense of buoyant awareness and awakening, playing with the ideas of both ‘grounding’ and ‘suspension’.


Her new summer collection series ‘Days in the Sun’ celebrates those simple summertime delights that are a treat to the playful soul. Created specially for Casa di LaValle, these original pieces illuminate the spaces they are displayed in.

1 in stock

Size 11" x 14"
Material Acrylic Ink, Cotton Paper, Birchwood Panel
Values Woman Artist. Original Pieces.
Source Made in Seattle