Melanie Biehle “Coffee With A View”

Melanie Biehle “Coffee With A View”


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Melanie Biehle is an American artist who paints emotions. She explores shapes, patterns, and color palettes inspired by the places she’s lived and seen. 

“Like last time Cassandra and I worked together, the Simple Pleasures collection is a true collaboration. Cassandra provided the beautiful warm color palette based on the handmade Italian splatterware dishes in her shop. I’ve never visited Puglia (where the dishes were made), but as I painted, I was taken back to Tuscany. I happily revisited Siena and Florence in my mind while brushing golden yellows and warm shades of green on solid wood panels. 

Even if we’re not in Italy, there’s something to be said for taking life more slowly. The Simple Pleasures collection is reminder to create and savor slow moments like these. These small moments are the very essence of what our lives are made of.”

1 in stock

Size 16" x 16"
Material Acrylic on Wood
Values Original Art Piece. Woman Artist.