Melanie Biehle “A Case of Deep Longing”

Melanie Biehle “A Case of Deep Longing”


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Melanie Biehle is an American artist who paints emotions. She explores shapes, patterns, and color palettes inspired by the places she’s lived and seen. This painting is from her ‘Postcards from the Future’ series. 

Postcards From The Future is an abstract painting collection born of deep internal work. An artist retreat and a vision board. Meditation and hibernation. A sense of restlessness. A longing for more. The balance of being open and making plans. Being an active participant in life.

I see these paintings as moments I’m manifesting. Views that I crave. And while they are personal desires sprung from within, I know them to be universal as well. We all have unlived lives within us. The potential of alternate realities. Timelines yet to come. Each day we live and every choice we make can bring us closer to what we desire – our highest self or an ideal life.

1 in stock

Size 20" x 20"
Material Acrylic on Wood
Values Original Art Piece. Woman Artist.